According to the experts, Raqchi was the temple of the god Wiracocha. In the Inca pantheon, Wiracocha was the creator of the world. This god appears in many Andean religions. Ancient stone sculptures represent Wiracocha as a human figure holding crosiers in both hands.

The Incas built Raqchi during the 15th century. However, recent studies have revealed rests of pre-Inca cultures on the site. Before the Spanish conquest, Raqchi was one of the largest structures in the Inca Empire. It had a height of 20 meters, and it was 92 meters wide by 25.5 meters long.


Raqchi is an Inca complex located in the province of Canchis, in Cusco. The modern town of Raqchi and the Vilcanota River are located nearby the Inca ruins.


Visitors can take daily tours to the site. Raqchi offers a unique look of the Inca architecture. Its buildings are distinct from other Inca sites because they weren’t built using techniques such as the stone dry method. Most of them have walls made with mortar and small irregular stones. However, the site stands out because of its main walls, wich are easily visible due to its height.

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