Qeswachaqa Inca Bridge


The Qeswachaqa is the world’s last Inca bridge. The Incas built this bridge in the 15th century, as part of the Qhapaq Ñan. The Qhapaq Ñan was a vast network of roads that linked the Inca Empire.

Hanging bridges similar to the Qeswachaqa were common during Inca times. Their design was perfect for the Andean terrain because the Incas mainly used ichu ropes to build these bridges. The ichu is a native andean plant similar to straw. So, it was easy to obtain the materials for building them.


The Qeswachaqa has a total length of 28 meters. It’s suspended above the Apurimac River at a height of 30 meters. It’s located in the province of Canas, in the southeastern area of Cusco.


Tours to the Inca bridge usually take one day. However, it’s possible to visit during it the Ritual of the Qeswachaqa Bridge, a four-day event. During this period, nearby Quechua villages collect Ichu, weave ropes with it, and repair the bridge.

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