Cusco City


Cusco is a city located in the southeastern of Peru. It’s the capital of the Cusco Region and used to be the capital city of the ancient Inca Empire.

Experts believe that the area where Cusco is built was first occupied during the 9th century by the Killke people. These original inhabitants where later replaced by the small Kingdom of Cusco, which after a series of expansion wars became the Inca Empire or Tawantinsuyo. Many of the Pre-Columbian buildings of Cusco were built during the Inca era.

After the Spanish conquest, Cusco was turned into a colonial city. During this time, the foundations of the modern city of Cusco were laid out. Structures such as the Main Cathedral were built during this era. It’s worth noting that most colonial structures were built above pre-existing Inca sites.


Cusco is located in the Andes mountain range near the Urubamba valley, at an elevation of 3399 meters above sea level. It covers an area of around 385 m2. Cusco has a subtropical highland climate, with a dry and a rainy season.


The city of Cusco offers a wide variety of places ideal for sightseeing. Its colonial buildings mixed with Inca sites give the city a unique look, pretty different from other Peruvian cities. Cusco also offers a unique gastronomy. Local dishes can be found being sold on the streets and local markets.

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