Qoyllur Riti


The Qoyllur Ritty is a Peruvian religious festival. It takes place every year in May or June. More than 10 000 pilgrims gather at this festival. Qoyllur Ritty combines the ancient Andean beliefs with the Catholic religion.

Qoyllur Ritty is a Quechua expression that means Snow Star. The main point of the celebration is Jesus Christ, known as the “Señor de Qoyllur Ritty”. Pilgrims carry his image during the event. However, the ceremony has elements of the ancient Inca religion, such the worship of fertility, mother earth, and the sacred mountains known as “Apus”.


The pilgrimage to Qoyllur Ritty starts at the town of Mayahuani. The route takes about five hours and it is 8.5 km long. It ends at the Sanctuary of Qoyllur Ritty, which is located 4 800 meters above sea level. The climate is cold and dry, due to the proximity to the Andean glaciers such as the Colquepunco.


Visitors can only go to the Sanctuary of Qoyllur Ritty when the religious event takes place. During the rest of the year, this place is closed to the public.

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