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We have been serving the Peru tourism industry since 2004 with a special focus on ecotourism.


Booking Inca Jungle is one of the most experienced Peruvian travel companies with highly positive industry reputation. We are a fully registered and licensed Peru travel and tour operator by the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism DIRCETUR. We are members of The American Travel Association, The International Ecotourism Society, Sustainable Travel International, Responsible Travel, Adventure Travel Association, besides many other memberships and affiliations.


Booking Inca Jungle deals with wide range of travel and tour operations, whether you are interested in family tours, cultural vacation, adrenaline rush tours or peru adventure tours, we have the right package for everyone and that is what has put us on top of the Peruvian tourism industry. We take care of everything including your accommodation and food.


Booking Inca Jungle takes legitimate pride in being the most preferred Peru tourism operator. Since the company’s inception in 2004 we have been striving hard to put together the most perfect Peruvian tour for every individual and every group that approaches us. When you approach Booking Inca Jungle you need not be worried about rigid Peru travel and tour packages because we are specialists in creating custom Peru vacation packages based on your requirements. Booking Inca Jungle caters to the travel needs of individuals as well as groups. We also work directly with travel agencies to meet the Peru travel needs of their customers. If you are institution organizing Peru adventure tours, you don’t have to worry we are ready to put together a fabulous Peru vacation for your institution. No group is too big or too small for Booking Inca Jungle.


Booking Inca Jungle not only caters to the different groups but we also cater to different interests of the tourists. Booking Inca Jungle has cultural Peru tours, eco tours, Peru adventure tours, bird watching tours, archaeological trips and more. All that you need to do is to share your needs with us and we will take care of the rest.

We can create Peru tours based on gender, age group, specific interests and more. Our tailor made itineraries are very popular in the industry because we pay attention to details while creating your itineraries which are normally ignored by many tour operators. You will have the Peruvian trip exactly the way you want it to be. You will find our Peru tours and the itineraries very flexible so that you will have total freedom on your trip.


Booking Inca Jungle puts customer satisfaction before everything else. Our experienced team works hard to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. All of us at Booking Inca Jungle do not mind to go the extra mile to make our guests happy. Every customer that approaches Booking Inca Jungle comes with their own dreams about their Peruvian holiday. We make all these dreams come true though not an easy task, we take the required efforts to make it happen. We want every tourist, every traveler to have the most enjoyable time while traveling to Peru with us.

Our business model blended with the commitment to achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction and honesty serves the customers effectively. We maintain very professional standards in all our Peru tourism services, while at the same time you will find our company very friendly and approachable. As we are in the service sector we do away with all rigid structures, our flexibility helps our customers get what they need without much struggle. We are a very intuitive tour operator which has secured the top position that we enjoy today in the Peruvian tourism industry.


  • We have the most exciting itineraries ready for you based on various areas of interest including but not limited to Eco Peru tourism, adventure tourism, archaeological tours and more.
  • We have tour packages suitable for all age groups.
  • Customized tour packages based on the size of your group including tours for individuals.
  • Premium Peruvian tours at the most competitive price.
  • Access to top-rated trustworthy guides with vast experience. All the guides are bi-lingual guides. Good ratio of tourists and licensed guides. We provide one licensed guide for 8 travelers and two licensed guides for nine travelers and above.
    Pre-screened staff with decent wages that are paid regularly to offer you highly satisfactory services.
  • Highest rate of returning customers and customer references that indicate the highest level of customer satisfaction.
    Are you looking for that special once in a lifetime trip? Is getting it just the way you want it really important to you? Do you want to be in control of your trip from start to finish? Do you want great value for money?
  • We pledge our full resources to the successful completion of every trip we help plan, regardless of its distance or duration. Our 24/7 Traveler’s Hotline is always available from any telephone worldwide.

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Tourism in Peru is a booming industry, and Cusco is one of the country’s most popular destinations. It’s no surprise that there are so many tour agencies to choose from, given the high demand for tours.


Peru is one of the most diverse countries on the planet. Its territory is made up of numerous natural regions, resulting in a high level of biodiversity. This biodiversity is reflected on the diverse ecosystems that home hundreds of native species of animals and plants.


Cusco is a magical city located high in Peru’s Andes. Mountains can be seen on all sides from the city center. You’ll find beautiful temples, bustling markets, and some of the best street food in the world as you explore this old Inca city. There are also several hotels and hostels to choose from, as well as some fantastic hikes and tours to explore the mountains and countryside.


Are you looking for a new and exciting way to experience Peru’s stunning and rugged landscape? Trekking is an excellent way to get close to nature and enjoy the scenery. The best part is that you can choose your own level of difficulty and pace. At Booking Inca Jungle we offer trekking tours that provide an unforgettable experience.